C-PF Eric Anderson | Signed

204 cm
107 kg
24 years
Last team:
Villa Mitre | Argentina TNA


Eric is athletic and mobile 5/4 with good size and feel both offensively and defensively. He has developed a strong post-up and face-up game and he excels in pick-and-roll offenses because of his vision and positional timing. A solid rebounder and true rim protector who makes his teammates better. Has decent touch from mid-range.
Player with great attitude and work ethic.

Playing Career:

2011-2012New Haven (NCAA D2, starting five): 28 games: 9.3ppg, 7.7rpg, 1.3apg, 1.8bpg, 2PT: 39.4%, 3PT: 35.4%, FT: 64.4%
2012-2013New Haven (NCAA D2, starting five): 29 games: 12.6ppg, 12.0rpg, 1.6apg, 2.4bpg, 2PT: 49.2%, 3PT: 34.1%, FT: 67.5%
2013-2014New Haven (NCAA D2, starting five): 30 games: 15.8ppg, 11.7rpg, 1.7apg, 2.5bpg, 2PT: 50.4%, 3PT: 27.7%, FT: 66.4%
2014-2015New Haven (NCAA D2, starting five): 27 games: 16.7ppg, Reb NCAA2-2 (13.1rpg), 3.9apg, 1.5bpg, 2PT: 48.8%, 3PT: 17.6%, FT: 64.5%
2015-2016Gladiators Trier (Germany ProA): 10 games: 10.5ppg, 8.0rpg, 1.5apg, 1.0bpg, 2PT: 52.6%, FT: 62.2%, in Dec.'15 moved to T71 Dudelange (Luxembourg Total League, starting five): 18 games: 17.1ppg, 12.6rpg, 1.8apg, Blocks-1 (2.2bpg), 2PT: 51.3%, 3PT: 22.2%, FT: 64.2%
2016-2017Tokyo Cinq Reves (Japan-B League D3): 26 games: 13.5ppg, 9.9rpg, 1.5apg, 1.2spg, 1.5bpg, FGP: 48.3%, 3PT: 45.5%, FT: 56.6%; in Mar.'17 moved to T71 Dudelange (Luxembourg-Total League, starting five): 10 games: 18.5ppg, 11.7rpg, 2.2apg, 1.1bpg, 2PT: 60.8%, 3PT: 22.2%, FT: 70.2%
2017-2018Villa Mitre de Capital Federal (Argentina TNA)

Awards & Achievements:

Northeast -10 All-Rookie Team -12
All-Northeast-10 Defensive Player of the Year -13, 14, 15 
All-Northeast-10 2nd Team -13
Northeast-10 Regular Season Southwest Runner-Up -14 
Northeast-10 Tournament Finalist -14
All-Northeast-10 1st Team -14, 15
Daktronics NCAA D2 All-East Region 1st Team -14, 15 
NABC NCAA D2 All-East Region 1st Team -14 
Daktronics NCAA D2 All-America 3rd Team -15 
Luxembourg Cup Winner -16
Eurobasket.com All-Luxembourg League Defensive Player of the Year -16 
Eurobasket.com All-Luxembourg League 2nd Team -16
Luxembourg League Regular Season Runner-Up -16 
Luxembourg League Semifinals -16, 17
Luxembourg Total League -17 (Player of the Week Rd.8)

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